Welcome to Northwest Lifestyles virtual style!  In this day and age of computers, emails, tweets, blogs and all of that “stuff”—it seemed natural to start a website and blog for the store.  While I never anticipate that the virtual Northwest Lifestyles can replace the in-person “aura” of our store, I do hope that it can help to enhance your experience with us!

Ladies will always want to touch and feel and try on clothing and shoes.  No on-line purchase can replace that!  But even more, we like to come together with familiar faces, trusted opinions and happy demeanors.  My staff and I value the sense of “community” that is often created when a few fun customers all come in at the same time.  There never seems to be a negative comment between them…but instead, many times new friendships are formed and all leave feeling positive about their choices and how they look and feel in them.  That’s what we are about.  Certainly, we sell clothes and shoes and great accessories…but we want to do it in the most fun way possible!  It truly gives us joy to help our customers find the perfect items!

So…the point of this website is to tease you and tempt you with flashes of what is new and exciting! I want to give you hints of what is happening in fashion and easy ways to put it all together. I want it to fill “the void” when you can’t be here.  And I want it to be as much fun as we have at the store—well, almost!

Please…don’t hesitate to call or email if there is something you can’t live without!  We know that can happen!  We all go through it every time we open a new box of clothes—or in my case—especially the shoes…I go weak in the knees!  We will happily hold something for you to come in and try…or for my out-of-town customers, we are happy to ship items to you, too.  With a little discussion about fit and sizing, I am confident we can find the right item for you!

Enjoy checking out .  I hope you see a few things that entice you…and check back often, as we will be changing the photos weekly!  Our inventory changes very quickly, so our photos must, too.  And be sure to keep an eye on the schedule of events!  We love our special events, and do many throughout the year.  We will still send evites, but for the most advance planners, we will always keep this site up to date.  You can find out everything happening between now and Christmas right now – not just in our store, but in downtown Roseburg too!  And, as many of you know…we always have a fabulous time at our events!

SO…pour yourself a glass of wine (I have one, too), sit back and take it all in.  We will look forward to hearing from you!  We will always love to see you, but if you can’t swing by, drop us a note!

For the love of clothes…